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This Social Swipes Bundle is a collection of social media content that is pre-written, pre-designed, and pre-produced content that you can plug and play straight into your social media channels.

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Ready-Made Social Content

Get a Head Start on Social Media Content Creation

In Social Swipes, you will get 333 pieces of professionally written and designed social media content that will:

✅   Save you a ton of time and resources.

✅   Save you from having to outsource and still gives you the end result you need. It’s perfect for those who work in small companies or organizations who are low on time and financial budget.

✅   Instantly get social media content that is pre-written, pre-designed, and pre-produced allows you to plug and play it straight into your social media channels.

✅   Enable you to create a highly engaging social media content in a short time!

✅   Instantly have content ready to post the minute you get access to it

What You'll Get!

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82 Typography Graphic Templates

One of the hardest and time consuming things to do when creating social graphics is deciding and designing the layout and design of the text! If you’re not a designer, it’s hard to make your graphic look professional and attractive. With our typographic graphic templates, we take care of this for you! All you have to do is add a splash of colour or an image behind your text and walla – you’re good to go! All designs are instantly available in Canva, so it’s easy customize for your brand look and feel!

40 Social Snippet Templates

Need some positive and motivational graphics with beauitful typography? Our social snippets come with pre-designed Canva snippets that you can add your own background to and make it on brand too. You’ll also get 3 caption ideas to go along with it too! Imagine the time-saving on this!


Social media loves quotes! They are a sure-fire way to get likes and engagement. Here you’ll find quotes that come with professionally designed Canva templates that you could make your own. Just add a background that matches your brand and walla, you’re good to go!

12 Educate Templates

Whether it’s for a list of tips, a how-to guide, or a mythbusting article, you’ll find that all of these templates can get your audience’s attention with ease – especially those who don’t like reading long captions!

12 Motivate Templates

Brighten up someone’s day with a short but sweet social media post. Avoid sounding trite or insincere by using any of these templates, which are designed to go well with your motivational content.

8 Promote Templates
The rule of thumb for promoting things on social media is this: You’ll achieve better results with a series of posts than with just one post. That said, that doesn’t eliminate the need for well-thought-out individual posts that will make up said series. Feel free to use any of these templates.
8 Interact Templates
Boosting engagement should be one of your priorities on social media. The more people ask questions, reply to your posts, or generally interact with you, the higher the chances that your content will get pushed up on their feeds and reach the eyeballs you want to reach. Use any of these engagement-boosting templates.
12 Tease Templates

Getting people to click on your link is all a matter of delivering the right message in the right manner. If you’re not confident in your ability to write effective teasers, take that burden off your shoulders by using any of these templates instead.

12 Intrigue Templates
They say that curiosity killed the cat – but in your case, being able to make your followers curious means a long, long life for your digital presence. Tickle your followers’ curiosity with some well-written captions for your posts. Choose from any of these templates, so that you won’t have to start from scratch.
12 Mobilize Templates
It’s standard procedure to end every piece of content with a call to action (CTA). Social media posts are no exception – so if you want to get people to do something specific, you need to use the right language and deliver the right message. Check out these templates that can mobilize your followers with ease.
12 Convert Templates

Always remember: A series of posts can achieve better results than just single posts when it comes to promoting offers or products. If your problem is getting your followers to take that final step towards the action you need them to perform, then fear not: These templates are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

8 Energize Templates

Got a webinar, contest, live concert, giveaway, auction, or any other upcoming event that needs hyping? Well, you’ll absolutely love these meant-to-excite post templates.

12 Engage Templates
One of the many great things about social media is that you can post all sorts of content there: video, audio, photos, drawings, and so on. Here are some templates that go well with pretty much any piece of content that you want your audience to engage with.
12 Share Templates
Looking to inform your followers about a new development or simply pass on some crucial information? Share links to news articles and other informative pieces of content with these accompanying social media post templates.
10 Announce Templates
Hear ye, hear ye! You shall henceforth never need to worry about how to write captions for your announcements, ever. Just pick one of these templates and post away.
35 Conversation Starters
Ever been on Twitter or in an online group and you feel as a bit stumped as to how to start engagement and interacting with people. The conversation starters are designed to get people talking. So, get talking!

Make It Your Own

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Create amazing content without writing or designing it yourself

It’s time to stop re-inventing the wheel. Content Creators Community is your go-to source for engaging content and insightful conversation. Social Swipes is a series of social media content templates and swipes that content creators can use to get ideas for their own social media content creation.

Plug in, build your brand...

Instantly growing your brand with pre-made social media content

Social Swipes is a package of pre-produced social media content you can easily add to your social media presence. Whether you’re new to creating content or have been doing it for years, there’s something for you in the bundle.

Do More with Less...

A content library designed to save you time and get your business moving

Ready to create that social media post you’ve been thinking of? Make creativity easier. Paint your brand in seconds with pre-written, customizable social media content. Not sure what subject to write on? Use our Social Swipes Bundle for ideas!

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